Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day #36 - Love is God's Word - Eric & Jennifer

This Dare is at a good place in this book. This is a Dare that requires healthy communications and agreement on what you are going to do together.

Through out our entire marriage Jennifer and I have always had our own devotional time. One reason may be that we both had developed our style before we got married or we simply operate on two different time lines in the morning. This is not to say devotional time can not be done at night but I like to do it to start off my day.

We have the individual thing down on this Dare so can we move to the couple time together? This will be our challenge and conversation as we process the last few days left on this 40 Day Love Dare.

Jennifer and I have a great marriage, not perfect but great. I have a feeling that if we can figure out how to get this devotional time down together our marriage would even be greater!

The Dare is on...



Author said...

Dear Eric and Jennifer,

I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated the way you have done your blog.

Sometimes Eric has gone first, sometimes Jennifer has gone first,and sometimes you have written together. It appears that you might have even skipped a day here and there.

You have both been honest about your shortcomings.

Bottom line is that the overall tone is so much real life- and I appeciate that.

I am so glad you set up the message board. My heart breaks for the many couples who are struggling, but hopefully they are finding hope and encouragement.

I have been surprised that you haven't gotten more comments on your blog.

Thanks again.

Rich Wildman

Eric and Jennifer Garcia said...

Thank you Rich, we appreciate your comments!

Eric and Jennifer Garcia said...


It is good to hear from you Rich. One thing we have learned is most people only read the blogs and message board content.

Most people do not feel safe enough to write or ask questions. The key for Jennifer and I is to be faith in sharing our lives so as others read they might be encouraged and fight for their marriage.

If this is Rich that is married to Sharon please tell her that we said hi... Eric

Anonymous said...

my question is what I do when my spouse tells me that the only keeping us apart is the fact that I found a new beleif. I supported him all my life. When I made a personal decision because he wasn't around for us to discuss it. Many of our friends are telling me to divorce him mainly because of all the abuse I went through with him. I have come to understand God's way, learned to hate the things God hates and love the things He loves. I know for sure that God hates divorces and that's the only reason I giving this a last shot. I need to know how to make it work when we don't have same faith anymore.
Thank you
Maggie Allen