Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day #40 - Love Is A Covenant - Eric

Day #40

This has truly been a great process to experience over the past 40 plus days. Yes, it took us a few extra days to get through the Dares but it was so worth it.

Jennifer and I decided on our own twist to this Dare. The vow thing is cool but we wanted to go back to that special day of our marriage and soak it all in - Thank you for the old VHS player we still have.

Tonight with our kiddos watching most of it with us we sat for 1.5 hours and watched the video of our wedding. This day was truly Jennifer's day as she worked so hard to plan it all. The plans played out almost flawlessly with over 800 of our friends attending our wedding.

Jennifer sang to me that day and it was just beautiful and I mean beautiful. In fact the entire day was simple off the charts. We had a blast that day but I remember that we were both totally exhausted too.

It is great to be able to say that we have lived through the highs and lows with all life can give you, and our love has grown and grown over the years.

Our deepest pray is that the Lord will keep us close to Him so He can continue to move us closer to each other. Marriage is truly an awesome gift from our Heavenly Father.

In closing I want to say that the 40 day love Dare has been a great process for me, as a husband to learn how to better love and cherish Jennifer. I do not think this boy is going to stop and I am not sure you can once you become this intentional!

Peace - Cheers and take the DARE!

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Unknown said...

Hello Eric: I am currently doing a love dare with my mother. I am seperated from my family and needed to go back to the root problem of my relationship to my mother. Men do have a tough time submitting in Love. Can you guide me through the 60 days. Because some dares will take longer for me. My email is for direct contact