Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #3 - Love is not Selfish - Eric

Day #3 - Saturday Morning - I wanted to get a jump on this Dare!

I got up early and got cleaned up so I could go buy Jennifer some fresh cut flowers.I got to the store and picked up some flowers for Jennifer and even found some in her favorite colors. I tried to get them in the house without her seeing them but she was right in the kitchen.

Then, we go look for the mattress (king size) that Jennifer wanted. So it is only 100 degrees out when we go look for a mattress and yes we found one. It was a great deal but not the best timing as we tied it to the top of the Expedition, it was hot! Everything went well and Jennifer was trilled that she found exactly what she prayed for.

Flowers - not a big deal but they are downstairs where she will see them often. Hopefully, when she sees them she will know I am thinking of her. I also jumped in and helped cook dinner, that was fun! The small things can make a big difference - try it!

It is hard not to live life focused on SELF!

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