Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day # 7- Love Believes the Best- Jennifer

Even if your marriage is healthy, this 40 day journey will strengthen it all the more. Eric and I have enjoyed doing these dares on each other and have heard from several that they had not thought about doing it at the same time as their spouse and plan to.

Last evening while sitting up in bed, Eric and I made our two lists. One with all the positives about each other and the other with the negatives. We both started at the same time with the positives, not knowing at all what the other was writing.

I started laughing when just 30 seconds into this exercises he had to stop to think. With a kiddish grin he asked, "What?" I asked him how many positives he'd written. He told me four and I was laughing even more saying that I had already written 10 for him!

This was a great exercise and I suggest starting with the positives first because then by the time you get to the list of negatives your spouse won't seem so bad!

When it came to the one positive we were suppose to share with each other, I had fun seeing Eric's face turn red when out of my dozen I chose - "Great at sex!"

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