Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day #3 - Love is not selfish- Jennifer

When you intentionally think of your spouse before yourself, it's amazing how your relationship is just better!

For this dare I went real simple. Of course the thought seemed simple enough until I had a hard time finding what I wanted to get Eric. I had to search 5 different stores until I could find his favorite candy - Original Brach's Candy Corn.

I had no idea how many different flavors of candy corn is out there not to mention all the generic kind that tastes a little like wax. I finally succeeded and even found a candy jar to put them in, along with a little note.

He brought me home flowers and they were beautiful!

But the best action of love that Eric did was to go mattress shopping. We've been wanting to upgrade our mattress for awhile and I've been searching for deals to find the perfect one for the perfect price and I found it!

What I didn't think through was how we were going to get this mammoth king size mattress and box springs home. Afternoon Phoenix sun beating down on us for a full 30 -45 min. while Eric patiently and methodically ties the mattress to the top of our expedition. Luckily we have no horror story to tell and we got home with out even a glitch.

Now that's love! And that's why I love him!

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