Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day #4 - Love is Thoughtful - Eric

For some reason, Sunday was a strange day for this dare. Maybe it is because I am with Jennifer all day and we are actively interacting. I did not feel like I needed to to call her, see how she is doing, and find out if she needs me to do anything for her. Maybe I am totally off on this one but this is how a felt.

First, Jennifer wanted to stay for a meeting after church for some volunteer training around a new area of ministry. This ministry area is one we are planning on being involved in but with pizza on the menu and 1 1/2 hours of time taken from my day, I was not overly excited. It was important to Jennifer so I jumped right in. The time was well spent and worth it.

Second, I had a new bed to put together and needed to move the old bed and other furniture into our casita. It was on the to-do list because we have guest coming to stay with us in the middle of this week. Seeing Jennifer happy about the way everything looked made it worth it and the new bed felt great to sleep on last night.

I may have blown it because we did not go on our Sunday night date that has become something we both really look forward to. Instead we just watched some TV together and talked. I am not sure I passed this dare, but if the small things count at all I did okay.

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