Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 2 -Jennifer

Eric is such a natural when it comes to meeting my needs, he makes it look easy. Everything from opening doors for me, letting me go first, taking my luggage even though it's light and I can carry it, helping with the dishes, to giving me nightly back rubs.

We text each other throughout most days to touch base. So this was a pretty easy dare. I did, however, make sure he had his favorite drink (Pepsi) available chilling in the refrig when he got home early evening from the office.

But I have to say he out did me on this one. After dinner Erika our twelve yr. old and I went up stairs to watch a chick-flick movie. After the movie I went back down to the kitchen to clean up to find the whole kitchen cleaned! That was the best act of kindness Eric could have done for me! He wins this day!

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Emmie K said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! I actually am going through The Love Dare as well, but my husband has no idea. We have only been married 15 months, and are still on the 'honeymoon' high...but I figured why wait until we are fighting to learn to love each other more? I love that you and your husband are doing this together...perhaps I will let my hubby in on my secret and we can work through these dares as a couple:)