Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 1 - Jennifer

Love is patient-I don't think either of us thought about what that would mean as it's always chaos in our house when we are headed out of town. I'm reading the first entry of the love dare while in the bathroom when I hear in the distance a roar coming from the bedroom "why would you pack your flat iron when it's hot?" Oops... Never thought someone would put their hand on a flat iron in the first place.

Every woman knows you don't do that. So sympathetically I asked "did something melt?" I had no idea he burnt his hand. So we continue to rush out the door to get t... as a mom my mind is on so many things wondering if I've left everything as I should for the kids, including the instructions for the sitter on the counter where she could see them and so on... I have a million things running through my head at once...been there?

We get into the garage and I hear Eric with a very strong aggressive tone asking why the trash can wasn't out? And of course I reply in a strong aggressive tone back -"Why am I getting chewed out for Hudson's responsibility of taking out the trash." Honestly when he went to friends house last night that was the least on my mind and I really hoped he would remember so I couldn't understand how this was my fault.

Then we get in the car, including our daughter, Erika (who we need to drop off for work on the way to the airport) when Eric asks the question in a hurried huffy tone, something about the clocks in the house. We've lived in this house for nine months and he's never noticed that the clocks are 5 min. fast? The good news was we were on time for the airport!! But because I have the clocks set ahead by 5!

This kind of a morning could be a huge disaster for most couples, and has been in the past for us. But because we were thinking already about being patient with one other it was easy to laugh and go on with our day. Not holding it against each other all day long, but having those short accounts.The rest of the day and evening turned out to be great as we met our friends and AMFM Board Members, Doug and Judy Hall, once we arrived in Kansas City.
- Jennifer Garcia

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