Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day #10 - Love Is Unconditional - Eric

It is late on the day of this Dare and I must say I enjoyed serving Jennifer. If you know her you know that she does not ask for much so serving her is fun.

I got up and washed her front window on her car. See, in Arizona cars only get dusty and front windows get bug guts on them. When she left to workout this morning she had one clean front window.

Next she wanted some boxes organized in the garage - oh joy! Not my idea of fun but since I am trying to be intentional, I dug in and did some rearranging.

I know the Dares will get much harder for me but the last two days I truly enjoyed. Through this process I can see the Lord reminding me that I need to be more like I was when I was dating Jennifer and when we were first married. A good lesson for all of us that have lost that edge, we need to get it back! What do you think?

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