Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day #14 - Love Takes Delight - Eric & Jennifer

This Dare jumped right in our laps last evening when all 4 of our children had activities at church. So how much trouble could Jennifer and I get into in around 2 hours?

Normally, I would head home from the office and Jennifer would have managed the travel to church with the kiddos and I would do the pick up run. Last night we decided to meet at the church.

As we headed off to dinner the traffic was totally backed up so we stopped at one of our old favorite restaurants. We almost had the place to ourselves, the music was perfect, the lights were down low and NO kids! Some of you just might know how seldom that can happen if you are not very intentional about a date night.

We had an unplanned date night and it was great. Jennifer always enjoys her dining out and it was a nice surprise for me, too.

Me, I would have been fine just going home, but we did something I knew Jennifer would truly enjoy. As I keep saying, it is those little things that really seem to make a difference.

Staying the Course - Peace.

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Unknown said...

I'm on day 14 myself... and wanted to see what you guys did on the 14th!
ps.. we have four kids as well! Congrats!