Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day # 18 - Love Seeks to Understand - Jennifer

This Dare was fun! Took a little work and ingenuity but the smile on Eric's face was well worth it. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure I could pull this one off. It's much easier to leave the children and go off to dinner than to find a place for them to go off to so we can have the house to ourselves. But that's what made it special, doing something out of the ordinary which made it something meaningful.

So I went by the store on the way home, picked up a couple of steaks, a potato (to make a twice baked, his favorite), a two serving size of his favorite dessert, and sparkling cider. I had the candles on the table along with the China and crystal goblets we used for our wedding reception almost 18 years ago. I fed the kids and they were out the door headed to the neighbors by 5:3o and were instructed not to return home until 7:30.

Our children have seen the movie, Fireproof, so when Eric came walking in the door after work Elliot asked him if he was ready for an elegant dinner with his wife. Later, when the kids came back from the neighbors, Wesley asked Eric if he had studied. I didn't get it at first but Eric was all over it sharing what he learned about me during dinner. Too cute.

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