Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day #24 - Love vs. Lust - Eric

This is a big one, not just for men, but for women too.

Just a couple days ago one of our ministry's board members came into my office and we talked about the temptation of pornography and all that goes with it. I know his story and his testimony of how the Lord changed his life. His story is so right on topic with this Dare!

He had to intentionally learn how to love his wife, truly love, and through that process of learning he was able to get victory over this cancer that would have taken his marriage down over time.

A couple good friends of mine always remind me to "guard my heart" whether I am with them in person or talking by phone. That is a good friend!

See God wired men a certain way and then gave us a choice and he wired women a certain way and gave them a choice. It is no surprise to any of you but I am far from perfect and I have made my mistakes in life.

I told my board member this week that I dealt with this issue years ago and decided to not go there even once. Before you get all excited and call me a liar, I did not say I achieved this goal but I set a very high standard.

So guys, if you do go there like all of us will, what do you do? When I say go there I mean any area of lust in your life, not specifically pornography. What do I do? Stop and right on the spot ask God for forgiveness and run the other direction. This is something you just have to do, because Satan wants to destroy you and this is an easy way to do it.

Over the years I have continued to build my strength in this area and the Lord has honored my heart, but it has been a process. I believe my commitment years ago to deal with this area proactively has paid off and given me a great marriage and a marriage of trust!

Sorry this was so long but this is a "big time" issue in so many relationships and our culture feeds the problem with everything they can throw at it (Media and Internet)...

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