Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day # 28 - Love Makes Sacrifices - Jennifer

The last hand full of dares have been deep and definitely growing opportunities, so this dare came as refreshing to me.

This dare reminds me of Selfless love. Instead of how can he meet my needs, it's how can I meet his needs. Isn't that what it's suppose to be in a relationship? It sure was when we were first married when we still had starry eyes for each other.

It's easy for all of us to get so busy we don't have time to meet each others needs. We might just have to clear out some of the "stuff" in our days so we can focus on what's really important. Even if that means saying no to some of our kid's activities.

Eric was a sweetheart last night. He watched a movie with the kids while I met with some girlfriends, and then washed up the dinner dishes. Wow I was so surprised. He's often good at putting the dishes into the dishwasher which I'm always grateful. But last night he actually washed the big stuff too! Kudos to Eric!

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