Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day #22 - Love is Faithful - Eric

Choices, we all make them every day and these choices drive how we live life in general. When it comes to this thing called marriage, choice goes out the window once you say "I do". Marriage is a commitment for life and it needs to be approached this way.

If it was a feeling I think Jennifer would have a great case to simply not love me during those stressful moments and carry that right into the non-stressful moments/days/weeks/etc.

It is the model of Christ and His walk on earth that just nails this point big time. He never made His baseline for serving mankind about His feelings at the moment. He looked at everything through the eyes of eternity.

Even though we are in the flesh and are not perfect, we still can be very intentional in how we walk life and how we live life with the one we asked to marry us. Take up this challenge as the benefits to you and your spouse are big and yes, even the benefits to your children are very, very big!

As for me I am going to focus on being a better husband so Jennifer can make this choice, to love me, much easier.

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