Friday, July 30, 2010

Day #33 - Love Completes Each Other - Eric

Many years ago Jennifer and I stopped everything we were doing and decided to process life together. Try to take the principle of becoming one and live it out. In doing this we made a commitment to each other to include each other in each others lives very intentionally.

One thing you learn real quick in your decision making process is to take two separate people and get them on the same page.

Also, you must take the time to honor your spouse by allowing them to share their views and express their opinions. This is not always real easy when you are as driven of a person as I am.

While in the process of intentionally having your spouse engaged in your life and you in theirs, you find life becoming "your life together" (Our Life, not my life). This will open your eyes to how valuable your spouse is in completing you and not competing with you.

You will see how God can bring two individuals together to truly, with Him become one. This Dare can be a WOW factor in your marriage so take the Dare!

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