Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day # 31 Love and Marriage - Eric & Jennifer

This dare is a continuation from the last dare. Leave, Cleave and become one. This is very hard to do if a couple has not severed the ties of past relationships, mainly parents.

Both of us are very fortunate to have wonderful, Godly parents. They both have been married over 50 years and set a great foundation for us as we went into our married adventure.

Through the years they have been our biggest cheerleaders. They have allowed us to make our own decision as a married couple even when they didn't always think they were good decisions.

One example of leaving and cleaving was our decision to take some time off, get a place in Alaska and live there half of the year. Everyone thought we where nuts, everyone. This move as a couple was the beginning of what we are doing today, serving others.

As we've been heavily involved with marriage ministry this seems to be a topic that can be at the core of arguments. Don't let that happen to you. Listen to each other, wives understand that your husband is accountable to God for the decisions he makes for your family so it's easy to submit to him as head of the house when you realize the big responsibility he has.

So, how have you made your move to leave and cleave?

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