Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day #12 - Love Lets The Other Win - Eric

Okay - So how do you do this with two highly competitive people living together (married)?

This Dare could have been a mess for Jennifer and me as we are both "lions", not real passive nor introverted, ya might say. But we did not have a run in so we had no chance to take the Dare in a practical way.

If you read Jennifer's blog on this she talks about something that happened at our house involving our son Elliot. The whole idea behind what I asked him to do was to get him thinking about always being a gentlemen and taking care of his mother and someday his girlfriend or wife, even if she did not think she needed it.

We had a nice chat about this last night after Jennifer wrote her blog message.

As for Dare #12 I will report back in as I have a chance to live it out in a real practical way.


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