Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day # 17- Love Promotes Intimacy- Jennifer

Creating a safe environment of trust! How do you do that? Let me hear from you on this one. We can all learn from each other.

Growing up as a Preacher's kid I was able to learn a few things:
  • Never be manipulative when praying with your spouse
  • Never share negative things about your spouse to others
  • Never be critical of your spouse in a sarcastic way to be funny in front of others

I learned these valuable lessons the easy way, by observing other couples way before I could even date. By watching them at church, by hearing what the ladies shared during the women's bible studies I lead as a young adult, by going to the church functions and hearing the men criticize their wife in front of her and a group of others just to get a big laugh.

I learned early on that I didn't want that for my marriage and I believe it has saved Eric and I from a lot of emotional hurt through the years.

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