Monday, July 26, 2010

Day #29 - Love's Motivation - Eric

Today was a fast one but once again intentionality plays such a big role in these Dares and in creating good habits in your marriage.

Jennifer and I did not have any time in the office together so coming up with a tangible way to say I Love You did not come easy for me.

As for the prayer part, I always enjoy closing my nights and opening my days praying for Jennifer, and the kiddos. But as I pray for Jennifer, her needs and the Lord's blessings on her it really drives me to be so very thankful for her. I am blessed!

Back to the "tangible thing", Jennifer loves her Starbucks coffee so I picked one up for her. It was a small thing but it was a tangible one. We did have some great hang out time, no kids, just the two of us.


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