Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day #26 - Love is Responsible - Eric

As we talked about this as a couple, the idea of keeping short accounts came up right away. When you are married this is real important. It is amazing how this simple concept of getting issues out and into the open can totally change your relationship.

The hard part for me is not saying anything back to Jennifer when I do not agree with the feedback I am receiving. It is hard to keep the big mouth closed...

Take this Dare and move forward with a new lease on your marriage.

Moving forward with the process, on to Day #27...


Anonymous said...

It has been inspiring to read your blog. I am on day 8 but am doing the dare on my own. My husband isn't completing the dare with me. I pray that he will soon also have the want to save this marriage.


Eric and Jennifer Garcia said...


Stay encouraged as the Lord will honor your heart. You do exactly what you feel He has called you to do and leave the rest up to Him. Our team will be in prayer for you and your husband as you walk through the process... eric

catchyadreams said...

Hi Eric,
I note that the comments here go back to 2008. Is your experiment still active ? Did you make it to day 40 ?
To assess any lasting change I would love to see a review one year after the dare. Big question is what has become spontaneous / effortless and what not ?

grace said...

i want to do the love dare with my husband. im sure it will help us appreciate each other more. we need it.