Friday, July 16, 2010

Day # 20 - Love is Jesus Christ

The Ultimate Sacrifice-
If I were to ask you what is the ultimate sacrifice you would make to get your spouse back in a healthy relationship with you, what would you say?
We all have to realize that God made the Ultimate Sacrifice when he gave his only Son to come to earth and die for our sins, just so He could have a healthy relationship with us! When we stop long enough to really think about that, it's mind boggling.
Dare #20 is the key to life! When my relationship is right with God, my relationship with Eric is rich. When I grow more in love with God, I grow more in love with Eric.
It really is that simple, period. Our self-centeredness and pride is what makes life messy. But it's never too late! Change will not always be instant like we enjoy having, but God has been waiting all along for our realization of full dependency on Him. And He's the one that will be there for us in every way and at every turn in the road of life.

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