Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day # 8 - Love is not Jealous - Jennifer

Ever since I realized years ago that Eric's love language is words of affirmation, I've enjoyed being open with words of praise and appreciation to him. However, this Dare made me realize I can never compliment and "Cheer" for my man enough!

The other part of this dare was more difficult. The "list" of negatives, let's face it, I may need this some day to prove my point when we're arguing over something important! Isn't that what we wives are good at? Bringing up the past "sins" and beating them over our husband's heads at just the right opportunity?

Putting the list in the paper shredder was the easy part, what I had to do was ask the Lord to shred the negatives from my mind never to be used against him again, and when and if I do to remind me quickly so I don't destroy my husband's spirit.

Believe me, the fights between Eric and I will come. Our personalities are both lions which means we're both argumentative! But fighting fair and not stepping over that line into disrespect is what's most important and that is what I must not forget.


Penny Bragg said...

I sure appreciate your candidness, Jennifer. The reality is...marriage is messy. It wasn't supposed to be that way, but once Adam and Eve fell,everything changed. One of the things I do when I find myself frustrated with the things I think Clint should change :) is that I take my "complaints" before the Lord as my First Husband. I ask Him to shed light on what I'm feeling. Most of the time, He shows me that I am the one who needs to change. My complaints usually don't even make it to Clint because God convicts me of my shortcomings. I also keep a wedding photo of Clint and I in my Bible. On the back, there's a post-it note. I ask God to show me how HE wants me to pray for Clint and write those things on the post-it note. When I'm feeling like we are at odds, I pull out that photo and start praying!

crackerjac1528 said...
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crackerjac1528 said...

Wow, I do have a tendacy to dredge up the past as if I do nothing wrong, something that I am working on! But when you said you had to pray for God to shred the negatives from your mind and if you pull it back up to remind you so that you don't hurt your husband, (sorry I know I misquoted you!) that was amazing, I have been on the love dare site many times now and never really looked at your blog until today and I think I did just to see that passage, I hope you don't mind but I am going to type it up and print it out to pray everyday! Thank you for opening your lives up during this experiance. I am on day 10 today, I am doing the dare first, I asked my husband to wait until I was done so that we're not competing each day trying to let the other relax while we do something nice, etc. lol Thanks again!