Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day #18 - Love Seeks to Understand - Eric

I got totally surprised on this Dare. While I was trying to figure out how to just get 15-20 minutes at Starbucks with Jennifer, she was planning a dinner.

I am not sure if the children knew everything but they sure knew mom had a special dinner planned for Dad! So I get home, and Jennifer is dressed to kill (that's a good thing - hot thing) and one of my favorite dinners is on the menu.

The children all left to different neighbor's homes, so we had the house to ourselves, with four children that does not happen very often.

Dinner was great by candle light and talking about each others dreams and goals made the evening special.

I am not sure what degree I have earned on "knowing" Jennifer but we are sure on the same page on many key issues in our lives together.

This Dare is one that you must act upon once you have an evening like we had. The next step for me is asking more questions over time and getting more moments like this one where we can just relax and talk...

This is a process and I am learning more every day - Peace!

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