Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day #32 - Love Meets Sexual Needs - Eric

Okay, I must admit that I suggested to Jennifer that we make this Dare a two day project, Oh Ya! and she agreed - Yes!

Sexual Intimacy is an issue that is often one of disconnect for so many couples that is why we must take the time to process it. Since it is so private who does a couple go too, to have this conversation, it takes a very safe environment...

Here is what I have learned in our marriage over the past 17 years. The Lord truly designed sexual intimacy between a husband and wife to take place as a celebration of their relationship. It is totally off the charts and both spouses are fulfilled when they are living a healthy marriage. If there is a disconnect in your relationship it just does not work like the Lord has planned it to.

This is something you must process with your spouse, not just assume they are on the same page with you. Generally speaking, find out what they enjoy and as you serve them you will find your needs are met too.

This is a big Dare for some so take the time and process it with your spouse because God has given you both needs in this area, but if they are never expressed you will never enjoy all that God has in this area of your marriage.

Note: If this is an area of disconnect or pain in your marriage please spend time in prayer and ask the Lord to prepare you as you communicate with your spouse. The Lord can truly give you a new day with your spouse in your sexual intimacy...

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