Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day #9 -Love Makes Good Impressions and Day #10 Love is Unconditional - Jennifer

I put both of these together since tonight I have finished both Dare 9 and 10.

During our wedding nearly 17 years ago, my girlfriend Kelly sang a beautiful song called "Make me a Servant." It was a sincere prayer of our hearts that we would serve each other every day for the rest of our lives.

Then, life happened. Mainly - four kiddos in four years (which includes a set of twins)! For the next five years, I was literally in survival mode. I couldn't even think about serving Eric or giving a thought to his needs. Wow, looking back on those days, he was such a trooper. He'd go grocery shopping for me, did laundry daily, and anything and everything else that came up. Plus, working full time and commuting back and forth from Indy to Phoenix. I never heard a complaint come from his mouth, he was amazing!

Once again the Love Dare has challenged and convicted me that there are no more excuses to not just love unconditionally and totally serve him with all my heart.

Yes, he beat me to the dare on both of these, and it was wonderful to be on the receiving end and made me even want to reciprocate that much more.

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