Monday, July 12, 2010

Day # 16 - Love Intercedes - Jennifer

Why is praying with our spouse sometimes the hardest thing to do? Is it because it's the most vulnerable thing we can do with our mate? Is it because Satan knows that by a couple praying together it will create spiritual intimacy and that would be the worst thing for keeping couples apart.

I believe the answer is yes and yes! Eric and I are the healthiest in our relationship when we have physical and spiritual intimacy. Sometimes, Eric will just put his hand on my shoulder when we crawl in bed at night and pray, other times things are heavy on my heart and I'll ask him to pray with me. And at other times, I will just pray. Sometimes we crawl in bed and forget to pray altogether, and for us, that's OK long as weeks do not go by that we aren't praying together.

If you aren't there yet in your relationship with your spouse or they are unwilling to, don't fret! At night just put your hand over on him/her and say a silent prayer, they don't even have to know. You'll be amazed at the things that will happen for the good when you do that.

This dare was a great reminder to me that I need to pray for Eric's heart when things are good along with the rocky times.


Author said...

Dear Eric and Jennifer,

I really appreciate you doing this and how authentic you are. Clint and Penny Bragg told me about it.

For those who struggle knowing how to pray for their spouse, I suggest "The Power of the Praying Husband." and "The Power of the Praying Wife" by Stormi O"Martian. She includes alot of scripture.

For a couple struggling with some deeper issues and not knowing how to pray jointly, Stormi has "Praying through the Deeper Issues of Marriage." I have it, but haven't done it yet.


Rich Wildman

Unknown said...

This is probably THE hardest exercise for couples to do. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because prayer breaks down our walls and shows our vulnerability. But, when we pray for our spouse or pray with them, the gates of hell cannot prevail and all else begins to fall in place. Thank you for a great reminder that this is a MUST in marriage.
Paige B