Monday, July 26, 2010

Day #30 - Love Brings Unity - Eric

Unity - being on the same page and acting as ONE.

When I read this Dare it made me stop and think about the last time I had heard a sermon on, leave, cleave and become ONE. This is spoken to at least 4 times in the Bible, but no one seems to preach on it.

I learned a long time ago in my marriage that being on the same page and processing life with Jennifer was very important. As you intentionally drive toward each other and remove points of disconnect it is amazing how much the Lord allows your marriage to grow.

This Dare is a cornerstone for a successful marriage. Take on this Dare and commit to it. Make it known to your spouse that you are committed to ONENESS then move the commitment to action with your spouse working through the process with you.

You can begin this Dare by simply developing an activity that both you and your spouse do together. Walk, hike, workout, boat, the arts, etc..., remember that it is the little things that mean so much over time.

Have fun!

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