Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day #32 -Love meets sexual needs - Jennifer

Eric says it so well in his blog. You should read his first.

As women we have heard a lot on how we should initiating sex more. But that is not always easy when God created us more like crock pots, and need warmed up!

If men want fulfilled in their sex life than the best thing they can do is to honor, cherish and love their brides! You can not be harsh with your wife the night before and throughout the next day and an hour before you want sex start being nice and attentive to your wife. It just doesn't work that way!

The reason I didn't hesitate when Eric wanted to make this dare a two day affair, was because for the last 31 days he has been caring and attentive to me. He has shown love to me in so many different ways going through the Love Dare.

Men, if your excuse for not being honoring and respectful to your wife is because she is not respectful to you then you will remain very frustrated in your sex life.

Be a gentleman, step up to the plate and lead in this area!

Wives give him a chance, initiate even if you don't feel like it knowing that by the end it will be worth it!

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