Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day #12 - Love Lets the Other Win - Jennifer

Today one of our 11 year-old twins asked me what day of the Love Dare we were on. I told him and he asked what the Dare for the day was. When I told him that it was letting daddy win a fight today he said without even a hesitation, "That should've been yesterdays!" Wesley was correct, yesterday would have been better since today we didn't have time to fight!

So I'll be vulnerable and tell you what happened yesterday. It was the battle of the wills. I was getting ready to carry my laptop and a box of papers down the stairs when Eric saw me and told Elliot (our other twin) to carry the box for me. Of course the box was light and I've been doing a little lifting lately so I was sure there was no reason whatsoever that I would need such help. So I told Elliot that I had it and I started on down the stairs.

Eric, on the other hand, didn't care if I had it or not; Elliot had disobeyed his order to help his mother down the stairs! By this time I was already at the kitchen table with both things. Eric then loudly told Elliot to go downstairs, get the box from the table, take it up the stairs and back down.

Well, I thought that was the most ridiculous thing in the world. Eric was making such a big deal out of something I said I could handle, and I was just about to go upstairs and let him know what I was thinking when I stopped myself and thought for a moment.

What was the reason for Eric's "order" to Elliot? Was it because he thought I was weak and couldn't handle two things at once while walking down the stairs or was it something more than that? Could it be that Eric was teaching our 11-year old son how to take care of a lady? How to be a gentleman?

This morning I had to apologize to Elliot for getting him in trouble with his dad and explain to him that a lady should always accept help from a gentleman.

So the moral of the story is: If only I would stop more often and look at situations through my husband's eyes we probably wouldn't have as many fights or at least they wouldn't be so heated!

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