Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day # 19 - Love is Impossible - Jennifer

Eric and I have known each other since elementary school, grew up in the same schools and church all our lives. So when going into marriage, our beliefs and how we view different issues were very much alike. I believe this is why we've had such a good marriage through the years.

But a few years ago after hearing and seeing many couples struggling, we knew in our hearts we didn't ever want to get to that place in our relationship, so we started this quest of finding out what it would look like if we intentionally processed life together. It has been amazing!

No, we aren't perfect and there are many times in the heat of "the battle" that I must stop, walk away and ask the Lord to change my attitude. And it's crazy how He does.

I don't know how couples who do not have the Lord in the center of their lives personally and in their relationship as a couple live life. It's hard enough to conquer my issues walking with the Lord, I couldn't imagine doing it on my own.


Unknown said...

What a true statement. Having God in the middle of our marriage is a must. There are many days that I think that God is the only one holding us together, and He probably is. I must stay open for a change of attitude to hear God, know God and love this man that is mine for the rest of my life. The challenges that the world can be devastating, but I know that I have my husband and his rock solid faith to help me and love me forever! What more could a girl ask for?

Unknown said...

Can someone please tell me where the message boards are??? Thank you!

Jennifer K.

Eric and Jennifer Garcia said...

Jennifer to find the message board go to the home page of and hit the key at the top for message board.