Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day #28 -Love Makes Sacrifices - Eric

All of us can really lock onto this Dare. Asking such a simple question like, what can I do for you today to lighten your load? or How can I serve you?

The words seem simple but making it part of your ever day life is not. We are all so busy that we seldom take the time to stop and ask our spouse how we can make their day a little easier.

Jennifer asked me today as we where running out to pick me up something for lunch. My reply was, you already have. You have taken at least 4-6 things off my desk this morning and that is a big deal.

Me, I called Jennifer on the way home from the office and spoke those magical words, what can I do to make your evening better? She replied with a couple answers and I was ready to give her a hand. So as the evening went on I did what she said would help her and while she was meeting with her friends praying I even clean the kitchen for her.

Yes, even I can do some of those very hard duties around the house...

This is a great Dare! Take it on and ask the question!

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