Monday, July 19, 2010

Day #23 - Love Always Protects - Eric

Over 8 years ago Jennifer and I decided to process and walk life together. Over time, this commitment has really changed the way I look at life.

Self always seems to be the battle ground that comes back to haunt me. The more we intentionally do life together all the other potential distractions seem to have less influence.

In the fast-paced culture that we live in, I feel like the packed schedules are the biggest factor in hindering the time it takes to build a better, and better relationship with Jennifer. This Dare did not challenge me much because of the years of work I (we) have put into doing life as a couple and not as individuals.

The application of doing life as a couple will look a little different to each of you but if you really want to take on this Dare you have to stop thinking of you and your spouse as two and focus on becoming ONE! In Process -

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Unknown said...

I was really interested to see your viewpoint on this one Eric. This message came at a great time for me. Not because of possessions or spiritual attacks, but because of the way that I have ran my business. (or actually...the way it has run me)

I'll keep reading you daily!...and won't get ahead of myself! thanks