Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day # 26 - Love is responsible - Jennifer

Admitting one's wrong and asking forgiveness isn't always easy especially if we are admitting it to our spouse.

This has come easier for me to do through the years because when Eric and I are in harmony it's such a sweet spot. I don't like it when there's discord between us, so it's easy for me to keep short accounts and be quick to ask forgiveness and grant forgiveness just to keep things sweet.

It's not always easy to see the parts of us that aren't pretty, that's when I ask the Lord to show me gently where I need to change and it's cool how He does. Do I change overnight? Not at all, it's always a process, but the rewards are amazing!


Pam said...

I am new to this, my husband and I just saw the movie last night. I know that God will be making drastic changes to our lives over the weeks to come. Waiting for our Love Dare books to come on Wednesday. We will be joining the challenge!

I, too, am a quick forgiver, but I think for the wrong reasons. I just want peace at all costs, so what I perceive as forgiveness and what is really just me stuffing something for later use are very different. I am learning to truly forgive and that my forgiveness is displayed in my fruit. If I get a bitter feeling or some other ungodly reaction to a particular thought or situation, then I know that I must not have genuinely forgiven. My struggle in this area really centers on justification...why I need to see justice I can't understand, but it gets me every time. I find myself in counseling with the pastor and thinking why do I have to keep revisiting this stumbling block? One my weaknesses the enemy preys on and God is trying to remedy. I am willing!

Eric and Jennifer Garcia said...

It's a hard process to learn to love unconditionally. Especially if we are hurt over and over again. But remembering that we don't deserve Christ's love but He loves us anyway just as we are. With all the uglyness in our hearts. That's the kind of love He'll give us if we ask.
You're on the right track, stay the course and take small steps.