Friday, July 23, 2010

Day #27 - Love Encourages - Eric

Okay - this Dare hits way to close to home for me. How many times have you said this during your 40 day love Dare journey?

This Dare is perfect for me as I am told often that I set too high of expectations on others, including Jennifer. Since Jennifer is the one that tells me this I am sure she has waited for me to blog on this Dare before she does. She is checking me out to see if I am going to be truthful, confession is good for the soul - ya right -

See in our house this Dare does not really apply to Jennifer, at least in her relationship with me. She is one cool cat on this expectation thing for sure...

With out getting into the details today had a few of those expectations come up and I failed. I am sure all of you are glad to know I am far from perfect. This thing we call marriage is work, even for those in marriage ministry.

Tonight I will be talking with Jennifer about this so pray for me. She can be a tough one sometimes :-)...

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