Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day #21 - Love is Satisfied in God - Eric

John 4:10 - very cool

This is one of my all time favorite stories played out in the life of Christ. It just nails how most of us seek out things to satisfy us and forget that He is the answer. When you rest in Him, He really can take care of your life and, yes, your relationship with your spouse too.

From a practical standpoint I have watched this play out in my marriage and more. The Lord wants you to be you, and stop trying to "do" and focus on "being". Be the person God called you to be and He will carry the weight of the world for you.

Several times in my marriage I have seen some wild turns financially due to things I had no control over, really. This could have totally taken me out, but somehow I kept leaning on Him.

As a couple ,we decided to take God at His word and did two key things:

1. We continued to give financially to our church
2. We served in ministry every chance we got

Not easy, but it worked! He kept His promise and I tried to stay the course trusting in Him. As for Jennifer, she was my biggest cheerleader and that was invaluable in the process!

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