Friday, July 23, 2010

Day # 27 - Love Encourages - Jennifer

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Prov. 13:12

Through the years I have been reminded of this scripture which I first read in Hinds Feet in High Places. This scripture has grounded me so many times when I have felt myself become anxious.

Christian young women are the best at praying for a godly husband, and when the Lord brings Mr. right into their lives and they marry him they are devastated because Mr. Right isn't at all perfect. Expectations are high in our society today.

So let me bring this down to Eric and me. How would you like to live AND work with a perfectionist? I have to admit it drives me crazy at times but I wouldn't want it any other way. See that same personality that is a perfectionist is also strong in his beliefs, he doesn't waver or back down when it comes to ethics or morals. He's a leader and that strong lion who can take on the world by himself, is at times just a pussy cat!

I knew as a little girl I wanted to marry someone as strong as my daddy. The Lord gave me the desires of my heart.

Funny thing, I also wanted three boys and a girl.

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