Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day # 21- Love is Satisfied in God - Jennifer

I love this Dare! It is so true! Whenever I'm disappointed in my relationship with Eric or perturbed with him it's usually due to high expectations I put on him, and sometimes they're unrealistic expectations.

Over the years I've heard many good-willed counselors and public speakers tell men that they are to provide security for their wives. I whole-heartedly disagree! My security has to be in God Almighty and Him alone.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that this gets the man who is negligent with his funds or wife off the hook, that is a bigger issue. I am simply saying that if my dependency is on my Lord and Savior and I am not looking to my husband to fulfill those needs, than I can rest in the plan God has for us whatever that may look like.

I learned this a few years back, when we first moved to the Phoenix. Eric worked for three companies that went under which put us in a financial tail spin. If I would have put my financial security in Eric, I would have crushed his spirit. See, he doubted himself enough that he didn't need me to doubt him, too. He needed me to love him unconditionally, support, and encourage him. I couldn't have done that unless my security was in the Lord.

I challenge the women who are reading this to think about who your security is in? Your husband is just a man, and life takes some crazy turns, especially in these times. So give him some slack and understanding and most of all be his biggest fan, he needs you and the results will astound you!

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