Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day # 29 - Love's Motivation - Jennifer

Today was a fun dare. I worked from home so we only saw each other in passing this morning. I had a good amount of time to pray for Eric today, and it's amazing how my love for him deepens when I pray for him and his needs and for blessings on him.

The dare says to say I love you and then show it in a tangible way. Turn of events made it where I was the only one home when Eric came in the door. I had dinner ready and we were able to sit together and talk by ourselves a whole 10min.

Eric's way of showing love to me, besides the normal kiss and hug when he comes home was the quick trip to Starbucks to get me a coffee on the way to the game. Totally his idea!

It was fun just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

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